Trouble Migrating to C8 with cloud backup

I'm trying to update from C5 to my new C8. For whatever reason, I can't find my cloud backup when trying to "migrate", even though I can see it in my C5. What could be the issue?

Likely this:

Some users have had luck downgrading to 2.3.5 and trying again if you don't want to wait for the next platform release, where this will likely be fixed. To do that, assuming you don't already have 2.3.5 available in step 2:

  1. Navigate to <yourHubIP>/hub/advanced/downloadPlatform/235 (and wait a few minutes for this download to complete)

  2. Go to Settings > Diagnostic Tool (or just go to it directly at <yourHubIP>:8081), log in with your hub MAC as requested, select Restore Previous Version, and choose the latest (or only) 2.3.5 release available.


That post should be pinned permanently until a fix is found.... having to constantly repeat this is well.... depressing to say the least.


The post from BobbyD is globally pinned so any one who has not read it should see it at the top of the list. Once you read a pinned topic it unpins it just for you. IMO it is an annoying discourse feature.

Also @bertabcd1234 added it to the migration docs.



Ya that auto unpin should not happen.. it should stay pinned until you actually do it yourself... @bobbyD is this possible?

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It gets unpinned once you saw it. That's how it works for anything that's pinned.