Trouble getting HSM to send text messages

I'm trying to set up HSM to send text alerts when arming fails. A contact is open, so it should send the armed failed text, but nothing happens. Here's the log entry:

app:42019-03-05 01:41:37.454 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: null (armAwayHandlerBut)

app:42019-03-05 01:41:37.423 pm warnAlert Arming Door: Top Floor Balcony open

Any idea what the "java.lang.NullPointerException: null (armAwayHandlerBut)" means?

That's usually a sign of a bug in an app. Could you show your HSM setup page.

I've been playing with various HSM settings trying to figure out how I want it set up. After your reply I tried deleting the app and reinstalling HSM and setting it up cleanly. This time I filled in the text message for the armin failed alert, but left out a phone number for the text to be sent to. When I tried to arm HSM I got the arm failed alert but no java error message.

I then put in the phone number in the +16667778888 format. When I tried to arm HSM the error message returned. Here's the setup for the arm failure alert:

I decided to try pushover rather than text messages to see if they worked. Pushover messages installed fine, and test notifications worked fine. So I changed the HSM alerts over to pushover notifications. Didn't fix it, the arm failed alerts still gave the java error message. I then decided to try to trigger the intrusion alert. To my surprise, the intrusion alert worked! I received the pushover notification as expected. Even more surprising, I opened the door contact and tried to rearm and I the arm-failed notification worked.

Don't know why, but it seems forcing the intrusion alarm alert fixed the arm failure alert.

Any any case I'm happy now.

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I also am not getting any text messages for water leak alerts. I have put in my cell number with the +1 format. What am I doing wrong? I also do not understand where (e.g. Pushover) is located or what it is

Are you located in the US? How are you testing that you get a water leak? Are you seeing the alert in HSM on the app page?

Try sending a text message from RM with a simple rule, just to test it. Also, remember each user is limited to 10 texts a day. If you go over that, they just stop;

I am in the US. I am running water over the contacts, and I hear the leak detector beep indicating there is a leak. I do see the alert on the HSM app page. I see after looking at my phone that I did receive 11 water leak text messages. Sorry, I am new to Hubitat. I just configured notifications via pushover.