Trouble controlling Hue lights with Basic Rules

I sure feel like I'm missing something obvious but here goes. I can control all my Hue lights from within my Hub very easily- I can turn them on and off no problem manually in the app. The issue comes when I want to turn them on using a rule- On one rule, I have it set to turn on a certain group of lights when a motion detector is triggered (the rest of the lights all work, just not the Hue ones). On another rule, I have them set to turn on when I turn on another smart switch.

Again, I can trigger all these manually, but not automatically. Any ideas?

Can you share a screenshot of the rules that aren't working? I'd also suggest enabling all logging for the rules and looking at Logs for more clues and sharing them here if you can't figure it out (see: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices | Hubitat Documentation).

Sure! Here's a screenshot from the Motion Detector rule. I already had logging turned on. The items called "Light" are Hue and don't do anything. The items called "Switch" all work.

So here's the relevant log entries from today:

Any thoughts appreciated!

That all looks good. Next thing I'd check: on the device detail page for the Hue lights, there is an "Events" button/tab at the top. Clicking this will show up both events (not super interesting here, probably) and commands that were sent. Do you see things Iike "command-on" listed here at the time when these actions were running? This will help determine an app versus device or driver problem.

Yes- definitely see that here on one of the Hue lights. All three have this command listed.

I know you said it works from the device detail page, but given that the app is sending the command and the device even shows that it was, it really aeema like something is wrong there. Maybe it only worked when you tried, but if you tried more often it might not once in a while?

Another thing you can try use a room or zone for these lights on the Hue side, import that group with the integration, then try that group here instead of individual bulbs. Hue used to (I can't find this anymore...) suggest a soft rate limit, which it seems like you should still be well under unless you have more going on at thebsamw time, but still, fewer commands (which one group vs a bunch of individual bulbs will help with) can't hurt.

Of course, checking logs for errors or the Bridge device for disconnection events would also be good things to look at.

I don't use Basic Rules, so I'm not super smart about it, but is it possible that Hubitat (or Basic Rules or Hue or whatever) thinks the Lights are already on (for whatever reason) and that's why they're getting skipped?

I know that's a long shot, but stranger things...

If you try the test again, can you first confirm that Hubitat is accurately showing all those lights & switches as "off" before triggering motion?

I appreciate the replies. I'm happy to see that I haven't missed something totally obvious.

Last night I set a rule to turn off all of the Hue lights at 3;15 am, just to make sure the system recognized that everything should be off. The motion detector rule still didn't fire this morning.

I'll keep fooling around, but at least I feel like I'm on the right track. Thanks for your time, if anyone has any other ideas I'll gladly try them out!

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What you hue hub on vs the hubitat? .are the hue lights direct with hubitat or on the hue hub? If on a hue hub the fact that they work individually but not at the same time as the other during rule firing to me pts to interference between the channels.

Hue says it's on Zigbee channel 15 and Hubitat says Zigbee channel 20. That should be enough separation? Thanks for the idea!

what your 2.4 wifi on..
just looking at that i would recommed changing hue to 11 but need to know your wifi as well.. i had one light interittantly not working when hue was 15 and hubitat was 20.. works fine on 11.

So I've made a little progress but ultimately think I'll give this one a break for a while. I changed my hue channel, it selected Zigbee channel 25 this time. I also poked around in Hubitat and figured out how to make Hue Groups into a devices that can be activated.

The one rule that I had trouble with seems to be solved - when I turn on a GE Toggle Switch for my main kitchen lights, it is consistently turning the hue undercabinet lights on and off with it. So that's a win.

The trigger that uses a motion sensor to turn the light son still isn't working. I don't know why, but I guess I'm going to give up for a bit.

Thanks to all who suggested ideas!