Trouble automating Fujitsu mini-split

So I have set up a little system to automate two in-room mini-splits (each on a different floor). The setup goes likj this:

  1. A virtual thermostat, one for each floor (workshop, sewing rm)
  2. MakerAPI which exposes those thermostats
  3. NodeRed which receives the thermostats and integrates the recorded IR remote commands with the temperature command sent from Hubitat and issues a irHVAC command to
  4. An esp8266 running tasmotaIR 10.1. which sends the irHVAC command via an IR Transmitter mounted just below the indoor HVAC unit.

all this is controlled by a basic rule that at 1pm sets the heating set point to 74 and waits until 4pm and sets it to 70. But there is a problem...

the temps don't change consistently. The console on the ESP8266 shows that I usually get two messages and sometimes three setting the temp to 74, 74 and 0 or 70, 70 and 0. I really only want one message.

Is there any way to determine why I am getting multiple messages or to limit the message to only one?