Triggers not working for paused rules

hello, I think I found a bug. I am trying to run a pair of rules in rule machine. one is to set an LED on a button based the status of another rule if it is active(running) or paused. i turned on logging for events, triggers, and actions. if I pause the monitored rule, no logs are generated, and my LED status rule is never triggered to change my LED color. however, if the rule is paused and changed to running, a log is generated stated the rule is running. then my rule will trigger, updating my LED.

I'm using the trigger (Rule Paused) , select which rule I want to monitor, then the drop down gives me no selection, paused, and running. running appears to work but paused seems to do nothing.

if I have anyone's attention, is it possible to add this (Rule Paused) to the button controllers app? it would be neat to be able to push a button and an "if statement" could evaluate the status of the rule, then based on that perform its action. then I might not need to create two rules.

another request would be if i could select changed rather than only having the two options running or paused.

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I would think logs would stop on a paused rule. Do you have logging, etc. enabled for the “monitoring” app? That should show if it was triggered or not.

Also, it would help to see a screenshot of the “monitoring” rule. Do you have any required expressions set up on this rule?


screenshots below, first one is just a mock rule with the two triggers. logging is enabled for triggers. this rule will only log if the other rule is changed from paused to running but not running to paused. the rule being monitored is the "Turn Family Room Fan on if heater is running to circulate heat" which is currently paused in the second screenshot. my third screenshot is the live logs where i paused and resumed the rule 4 or so times. you'll notice the trigger never logs a paused rule as if it never trips or is as if it was skipped over.


Any luck this bug is seen by a dev?

Rule paused as a trigger works in Rule Machine. But Button Rules (children of Button Controller) are only triggered by buttons being pushed (or held, released, etc). So it is not possible to add a trigger to a Button Rule.

understood, that is more of a request. The main issue is just the paused rule trigger not working.

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