Triggering on Switch - the RM Menu Pick list....Physical, Digital, or Switch

Re-evaluating some rules made early on where I may not have fully appreciated the menu selection and consequences.

As I understand it...with your subject switch showing up in all three of these paths-

picking Physical on the trigger menu sets up watch for a physical event switching "on-the-hardware"

picking Digital on the trigger menu sets up watch for a digital event that commands the switch

so picking Switch on the trigger menu sets up WHAT?, either/any of the above?

Yes, "Switch" will catch any of the above plus any "switch" event at all, including ones that do nor mark themselves as physical or digital in the first place (as many don't; this is dependent on the driver and device, and many do not actually report this information).

Along those lines, it should be noted that the "physical switch" and "digital switch" triggers are supposed to do what you state but depend on the device and driver getting this information correct. You can verify this for a particular event by looking at "Type" field as you'll see it in the "Events" history for the device on the device detail page for the device in question.

For this reason, I'd definitely recommend "Switch" if you aren't sure what to use -- and I'd verify device/driver behavior before trying either of the others.

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Holy Smokes ! This is obviously a nuance I hadn't paid due attention to. As of late I had actually been testing BOTH digital and physical in some of my rules but that was making some lengthy sets of test (OR, OR, OR...etc) just going the "SWITCH" route is the safer catchall (assuming HOW it got switched doesn't matter).

Thank you. Hopefully the thread title will catch the attention of others wondering the same (or otherwise not reading the documentation if it's as clear as what you just wrote).