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I have a large-ish Lutron integration (120+ devices) that is spread across two Lutron Smart Bridge Pros. I have a number of Lutron scenes that I would like to access via Hubitat to avoid popcorning. I have everything set up through the Lutron Integrator including a virtual keypad for each bridge to access the scenes. The scenes themselves run properly through the dashboard buttons, but I have a few questions:

  1. When I change device or scene names in the Lutron Integrator, they are not updating anywhere else within the Hubitat interface. For example, I changed the name of my second Smart Bridge Pro to "West Wing Smart Bridge Pro" but the name remains "Smart Bridge Pro" elsewhere in Hubitat. Is there a way to force an update from the Integrator app?

  2. When I create buttons in a dashboard to control the scenes, they are appearing with useless names like "Button 1" and "Button 2" -- how do I change these names to something meaningful?

  3. Is there a way to call Lutron scenes via Alexa voice command through Hubitat? For example, "Alexa, Master Bedroom Lights On" or something similar? This is critically important, so I am hoping there is a way.

Sorry if these are basic questions -- I am new to Hubitat and home automation in general. Here's a screenshot of my dashboard to show how the buttons appear. Many thanks in advance!!!

I believe the names are only carried over when the Hubitat 'devices' are created originally by the Lutron integration. Afterwards, I believe you'll simply need to manually edit the "Label" of each Hubitat device as you see fit.

I would recommend creating a Hubitat Virtual Switch device using the built-in Hubitat driver. It has an 'Auto Off' feature that you would also enable. Name this virtual switch the name of the Lutron Scene you'd like to activate. Then, share it with Alexa using Hubitat Amazon Echo Skill app. On the Alexa side, you simply need to say "Alexa, turn on {insert virtual switch name here}". Since the virtual switch automatically turns itself off on the hubitat side, it will be ready for the next time you want to activate it.

On the Hubitat side, create a Rule that Activates the Lutron Scene whenever the virtual switch is turned on.


Easy enough -- done!

Okay, if I'm understanding this, a virtual switch would be needed for both ON and OFF scenes, correct? If so, that gets a bit weird in Alexa -- "Alexa turn on turn off kitchen lights." Is there some way around that?

Sorry again if these are basic questions, I'm just trying to understand the logic, limitations and workarounds.

Correct. That would be the same virtual switch. One rule that turns on the scene when the VS turns on, and the other that turns off the scene when the VS turns off.

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Yes, if this is a requirement, to be able to turn each Lutron Scene on and off, then do not use the Auto-Off feature of the virtual switch. Simply have your Hubitat rule trigger for both the ON and OFF events of the virtual switch, and then act accordingly.

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Okay, that's helpful. So, one virtual switch called Kitchen Lights. Then TWO rules -- one for on and one for off. Then, expose the Kitchen Lights virtual switch to Alexa and it should respond accordingly when someone says "Kitchen Lights On" or "Kitchen Lights Off" correct?

One more wrinkle -- is there a way to say, "Kitchen Lights to 50%" and have all dimmable lights dim by a percentage?

Many thanks again for all your help!

Yes, you can create a "Group" of lights, using the Hubitat "Groups and Scenes" built-in App. This will create a virtual "Group" device that can be exposed to Alexa as well, and will result in control of multiple lutron lights as a single entity in Hubitat/Alexa. It may result in a small amount of popcorn effect, though. You may decide that simply exposing 1 Hubitat Group device, is sufficient for all of your Alexa voice control needs.


I'm going to suggest something slightly different; though, similar to advice you have been given already. For dimmers that you want to be able to voice control their light level, I would send them to Alexa via the Alexa Skill. In this case, send your Lutron dimmers that control the Kitchen and grouped them within Alexa. This way, you can always set the level via voice for the dimmers you want to control.

For scenes that need voice control, I would recommend the virtual switch with Auto Off and a single rule to push the button in Hubitat. Put these switches into a different room in Alexa (I use Google, but the room is ZZZ-Hubitat to force it to be at the very bottom).

The final thing to think about is where you can automate your scenes and utilize Hubitat. For example, can you activate a movie scene based on your TV and time of day rather than voice control (or both)?

You can also use a Room Lighting scene to trigger the Lutron scenes. You won't need to set up a different 'on' and 'off' rules.

Here is one of mine with both Lutron scenes and non-Lutron lights. When turned on Lutron button 4 is pushed, when turned off Lutron button 19 is pushed.

Room Lighting can be complex. It's fairly well documented here:

One option that can be useful when using Lutron scenes is 'Select Switches that Determine All Lights Are Off'. I've not used it in this particular Hubitat scene, but I do in most of my Room Lighting instances.

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Thanks for all the suggestions! So far, I have sent a bunch of Hubitat rooms to Alexa as devices to retain dimming control in addition to a number of Lutron Scenes activated by Hubitat for initial execution of larger scenes and to minimize popcorning. In a few cases (bedroom lamps, for example), I have also exposed select individual devices (Lutron lamp dimmers) so we can say things like, "Alexa, turn on/off Jim's lamp" without having to light up or turn off the whole room.

In the end, this has been a good exercise to help me understand (a) that there are many ways to skin any given cat in Hubitat and, (b) that I am barely scratching the surface of what is possible. Even still, just these few automations have made living in an otherwise somewhat large and unruly house much more pleasant.

Thanks again -- I'll be trying more of these things out in the coming weeks and months!

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