Triggering an action that is not presented as a switch

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I am using Kasa Hubitat Integration by @djgutheinz davegut in my kids rooms and I would like to be abel to control wether the led "ststus" light on the Kasa switches is on or off. My son has a shed that he hangs out with friends in, and he is fairly forgetful to turn the power to the shed off. I would like to use the led status on the kasa switch as a secondary notification for him. The device is presented as setSysinfo: [led:on] or setSysinfo: [led:off] in the logs, but I can't figure out how to control it from an action or a virtual button.

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I don’t believe that LED status can be configured in these devices.

The LED on-off state is not controllable except in the preferences (set led on/off then save preferences). There is not action or virtual button that can control this (and I do not recommend running save preferences frequently).


What an amazing community. Thank you everyone.
I suppose my opnly option is to go and buy a giant strobe light and have that thing run in his bedroom if he leaves his shed on for more than an hour :rofl: .
I will tell the wife you guys gave me permission... and ask for forgiveness later!


It might be more beneficial (and reliable :wink:) to automate the shed's power.

If you're using Wi-Fi have a look at the Shelly products, they might have something you can incorporate relatively easily using the built in drivers.

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