Triggering a z-wave plug with network audio equipment

Hi, looking for help with the following setup - I have a network DAC, a Bricasti M1, which is controlled by Roon for streaming music. Connected to the DAC are a pair of powered monitor speakers by XLR cable.

The speakers have a weird power setup. There is a switch at the back which keeps them either always on standby or totally off. There is a button at the front to actually turn them on in order to play music. This is the problem I’m trying to solve - my experience with this manufacturer is that it’s best not to keep power always on or the amplifier power supply will eventually burn out.

My (part) solution - insert something like this - ZOOZ ZEN15 POWER SWITCH – ZOOZ - on the speaker power cable. The part I’m seeking help from the community on is how to trigger power “on”. Ideally this would be linked to the network DAC. I thought maybe there is a way for HE to monitor network traffic to a specific LAN IP? I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything on that. I have a Microtik Hex router and UI switch/APs on my network. The DAC has a trigger input but the manual says it will trigger power to the DAC not from it. I think there’s one post on Roon on the forum but it didn’t look like that went anywhere. Worst case I could use a Caseta remote but would rather it be either linked to the DAC or to Roon, just not sure how to accomplish this.

What about one of the IP presence sensors that essential ping the ip address?

Maybe this? [UPDATED] HTTP Presence Sensor

If there is a button on the front you can hook that up to any one of the dry contact zigbee or zwave switches.

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