Triggered Rule Triggering From Triggered Rule Does Not Respect Delay Command

Am I understanding this correctly? I thought that the "Rule - Button - Garage Close" would wait for 15 seconds and then close the door. However, when the rule "Rule - Button - Garage Close Acknowledgement" fires and immediately fires "Rule - Button - Garage Close" in turn the second rule immediately closes the garage instead of delaying 15 seconds.

Is this a bug or did I set up these rules incorrectly?

Well, first of all, you don't need triggered rules if your condition is the exact same as your triggering event. Second of all, rather than use a 2nd triggered rule (or trigger) why not just use an Action? You can trigger that to take place within the rule that you have and all you have to do is define the delay and then the door closing.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I would have guessed that triggered rules would be less system intensive since they are looking for a single event. Has anybody ever published information about the performance/system demand differences between triggered and not triggered?

To your second suggestion, can I create actions that aren't the conditions of rules? If I could create a single action that waited 15 seconds and then closed the door that would be perfect. That's why I have the second rule though. Part of the action happens immediately; a light flashes immediately so you get feedback that it worked and you can start walking out of the garage. A voice speaks on the speakers indoors so there adults know that somebody is leaving and the garage door is closing so if the youngest aren't in sight somebody can worry. Then 15 seconds later the garage closes.

So, given those requirements I think this is the way it needs to be done unless I can create standalone actions, right? It didn't appear that I could put a delay in the custom command ability unless the driver had a command for delay.

It's in the next section directly under triggered rule in "rule machine"

You would need to create the "Action" for closing the garage door first then set a rule similar to this, I don't have any "buttons" so in my "condition where I have Garage Light 1, you would substitute your button. If I'm understanding you correctly

I never realized there was a third option for actions. I always just assumed it was rules or triggered rules and since you can convert a regular rule to triggered I have never clicked anything but the top option. Thanks for showing me actions.

I'm out of town so I'll test it with the stand alone action when I get back home.

Now, the question is... is an action and a rule any different than two rules? Sort of feels the same to me. Also, shouldn't the two rules have worked? Is that a bug that the second rule doesn't delay the fifteen seconds?

An action can have a trigger, condition, schedule, triggered rule, or multiples of each to be true for it to fire, having it as an action can allow that action to happen when multiple scenario triggers tell it to, with not requiring a "condition" to be true for it to fire.

The way I read your two rules is once the first one is true, it makes the second one true, at which both start delays of 10 sec, and 15 sec....So to me the final result of both rules would happen within 5 seconds minus the minimal delay from one rule triggering the other and the delay countdown would start at almost the same time on both rules being they are both true at the same time.

Yeah, I get the reuse component. I pretty much using the second rule like that. Actions are purpose built for this though so I will switch to them for this scenario.

Back to my rules, you didn't quite read the rules correctly I don't think. The first and second rule trigger at the same time. However, the first rule starts actions immediately. It flashes and speaks. The flashing has a delayed off (not a rule delay but a light off delay) of ten seconds so it doesn't flash indefinitely though. The second rule has a blanket rule delay so all actions should start 15 seconds after it becomes true.

So time line should be... (throwing out response lag)

0 seconds: Button 2 pressed
0 seconds: Rule 1 starts
0 seconds: Rule 2 starts
0 seconds: Rule 1 speaks
0 seconds: Rule 1 begins flashing
10 seconds: Rule 1 stops flashing
15 seconds: Rule 2 closes garage door

Instead what happens is...

0 seconds: Button 2 pressed
0 seconds: Rule 1 starts
0 seconds: Rule 2 starts
0 seconds: Rule 1 speaks (maybe... that's another bug with the Chromecast integration)
0 seconds: Rule 2 closes garage door
... Nothing else happens

No flashing. No delay before close. Do you agree with the "should be" time line after looking at the difference between those two delays now?

I found this while hunting around. It could possibly be related.

Triggered rule truths might be wonky as rule triggers.

And it probably all comes back to this.

@bravenel Is this a bug? Maybe we shouldn't be allowed to choose triggered rules as rule truth start conditions?

You can create actions only and then trigger them from another rule. Look here:


You can create an action that is then trigger from within another rule in the rules panel of any of the actions.



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