Trigger rules missing done button

I'm running and all of my trigger rules (with and without conditions) are missing the "Done" button. Is this by design?

Mine too!! @bravenel

Ditto. Running

If I recreate the Rule or create any new Trigger, it's there. Just fails for existing ones.

Well, that's gonna take a while.

I'm not at all suggesting you do that... :smiley:

It's just a debugging data point... I'm guessing Bruce might go "ahha" faster, although his slow is pretty darn fast for me.

After a bit more testing, my initial post still stands.

If I go into a rule that is either a trigger or a trigger with conditions or if I change a CONDITION in a trigger rule with conditions, then I don't see the "Done" button.

If I change a TRIGGER in a trigger rule with/without conditions, I will see the "Done" button.

This is a freshly introduced bug. Sorry about that. Those rules will still function. If you don't need to change them, you can ignore this and simple go back to the Apps List.

This will be fixed in the next release.

Thank you sir!

Or roll back to just prior release.

Hot fix released that fixes this bug.