Trigger rule on any button/any action on a device

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I want to be able to have a rule machine trigger for any button/any action on a button device -- so i dont need to have 15 triggers on my Inovelli dimmers to know if someone is interacting with it. Then it would be easy to have a rule with a trigger that could set a hub variable to the current date which can tell me the last time the switch was touched.

as bertabcd1234 pointed out, the 15 trigger idea can currently be minimized to two by using a custom attribute for held/changed and pushed/changed. that's pretty good.

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Even coding this in Groovy isn't going to get any better. There is no single event that is thrown for every button action. There have to be subscriptions for each available action, but the button number can be ignored/omitted. So what you can do with Custom Attribute is essentially the same as you could do in code. The only other approach would be a custom driver that throws a single catch-all event on every action.


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