Trigger only if sensor hasn't run recently?


I have both contact and motion sensors that I only want to trigger automations, if they haven't run in the past 5 minutes.

I.e. If I go into a room to quickly grab something, I don't want the routine to start over when I walk back to the door or open the door to exit the room.

I've been playing around with RM without success, but it's such a basic idea it should be a pretty common condition right?

Still new to Hubitat and sometimes RM gets me a bit lost

TIA for any assistance!

It sounds like triggering on motion active and using a wait for inactive with a duration might meet your needs. Would you post your rule?

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Basic idea fits best with... Basic Rules :slight_smile:

Look no further than "stays/stayed" triggers for both motion sensors and contact sensors:

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@bobbyD thank you both!

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