Trigger on manual switch only

Hi all!

I’ve gone and set up my first “real” automation within Hubitat — I’d avoided it for a while because I wasn’t sure whether to pick Simple Automation, Basic Rules, or Rule Machine as the app to go with. I wound up with Simple Automation, and it works pretty well — my first rule is to turn on a fan if the light in the same room is switched on. Both are using Jasco in-wall switches.

I was wondering, though: can I make it so the automation runs only if the physical switch is toggled? That is, if I activate the light with Hubitat (in a scene, group, or via Alexa), don’t trigger the automation?

Rule Machine offers a trigger called "Physical Switch", which matches your need. I don't know about Simple Automation Rules, but I don't think this is possible in Basic Rules.

Anyway, here's the relevant trigger in Rule Machine:

You'll find uses for each of the apps some are well suited to a use case where another app may not. I use basic rules where possible. If I have a use case as you mentioned like physical button press I'll go with rule manager. Gemerally, I use Rule Manager when additional checks or variables are required.