Trigger event not updating when app is used

I have a wemo Mini plug that I have LED lights behind my TV plugged into and I have HUE lights.
My rule is when the mini plug is ON to turn on the hue light and set it to 50% and orange.
When I turn on the wemo plug in HE through the dashboard, it works as it is supposed to. When I use the wemo app to turn on the plug, it does not work.
Is HE not watching the status of the plug? In the rule machine, it looks like it is or is that the last state commanded in HE?

What do you mean by "watching"? Hubitat periodically polls the wemos to find their status but it's only periodic. It can't be constant or it would bog down your wifi and your hub. It updates instantly when you change it in Hubitat because Hubitat knows to poll the plug right after it sends a command. But there will be a lag to detecting changes from outside of HE to your wemo plugs. This is just one of the many reasons why my two wemo plugs are one of my biggest home automation device regrets.