Trigger Event = Locked Code Entered


I notice in Rule4.0 I can create a trigger event based on a lock code being entered. When the code is entered the action does not take place. I assume this is a problem with the lock not telling hubitat that it was unlocked by a code. Therefore as far as hubitat knows the trigger did not happen. Does this sound likely? I have a schlage zigbee lock.


You mean unlocked by key instead of code? If so, then yes that would be the reason. You can also check in the same rule if the code was unlocked. That will cover both circumstances. Obviously you won't know whom it was the unlocked the door in that scenario, but you'll know it occurred at least.


There is a known issue with the Schlage Zigbee and a couple others where the lock code entry isn't properly reported. Mike Maxwell is aware of it and is working with a couple of us to try to resolve it. Unfortunately he needs hands-on access to one the locks to resolve it, but I'm working on a solution.


@mike.maxwell must have included something in the last release because my Schlage Zigbee Lock is now logging events for specific lock codes used. Previously the device events would show it was unlocked but not by a specific code. Now there is an extra event “Kitchen Lock Garage was unlocked by Michael”.

One of my rules I had setup previously for my housekeeper actually worked yesterday when she arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to see it work.


Interesting, can you test it a bit more and then report if it's working consistently? I believe I had it work occasionally when I had the zigbee Schlage too.


I looked back at my Schlage Zigbee Lock event history and I can confirm that I have unlock events for codes since 8/30. I upgraded to on 8/29 so @mike.maxwell must have included a change in that release that fixed the issue. Hopefully he can confirm the driver was updated.


He and I have been discussing me sending him one for hands-on testing, next week. But, if it is fixed maybe I don't need to do that now? Hopefully he can confirm shortly...


There was a very minor change, it wasn't targeted at this specific issue, but if it sorted it, then perfect.


What device driver is being used for the Schlage Zigbee lock? I have been using "Generic Zigbee Lock". Is this the driver that is being fixed to update when codes are entered?


Yep that’s the one I am using and it’s currently logging events for specific lock codes that wasn’t happening before the *.4.130 release.


@mike.maxwell I have never seen the lock log events for a specific lock code used. The device events show it was unlocked but not by a specific code. I have done all the recent hub updates. I am using "Generic Zigbee Lock" as the driver and this is my specific lock:

I also never even have the lock notify Hubitat that is has been unlocked unless a rule runs that refreshes the lock status when the door is opened. I have a rule that refreshes lock status after the door is opened and another rule that refreshes lock status 20 seconds after it is closed. This is the only way I have found to have Hubitat know the status of my lock.

The issue is not fixed for my specific Schlage Zigbee lock. Hoping it will be. Thanks.


I’m using the same schlage lock and generic driver and it is reporting lock codes via RM using “lock code” as a trigger.


I definitely do NOT have this ability. If I make a simple Rule such as this:

Nothing happens in Hubitat when that lock code is entered (the code obviously unlocks the lock). The Rule does not run and I believe it is because Hubitat has not been told that the code has been entered. There is nothing in any of the logs (device events, or main logs) that show any code has been entered or even that the lock has been unlocked. I have to run a rule that refreshes the lock to inform Hubitat that the lock is now unlocked.

Other than that the lock works well with Hubitat. My rules that tell the lock to lock/unlock all work great.


Given that other users are using this same lock model and driver combo with success, this leads me to suspect a zigbee environmental issue is at play, such that data produced by the lock is not being received by the hub.


Lock is 6 feet away from my hub, and it is the only zigbee device I have. I did buy some IKEA outlets after I bought the lock, but they are not installed at the moment.


You never know, it can't hurt to deploy them and see if it helps.
After that just do a battery pull on the lock.


Enabled debug logging on the device page, got nothing when entering codes.
Enabled lockCode encryption, logs told me encryption was "true", got nothing when entering codes.
Switched back to no encryption, nothing in logs when entering codes.
Hit Configure on Device Page, logs where extensive (well over 100 lines), it now works!!!

Will continue testing, have my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Worked 10x times a row, rebooted hub, still works. Awesome!!!

I can now delete two rules that existed solely to refresh my lock status and I can make new rules based on certain codes being entered.