Trigger: Any Lock Code doesn't work for newly entered lock codes

I have a rule that if any lock code is entered on a door lock then disarm HSM. In theory, this is great because anytime I add a new lock code, that new code will also disarm HSM once the door is unlocked with it.

However, it seems this rule doesn't work if a new lock code is entered in lock manager unless I go back into the rule and edit it. It seems the trigger 'unlock on any lock code' only works for lock codes entered up until the point that trigger was created or edited. Not for lock codes added subsequently.

Here's the use case: I had a contractor coming to the house so entered a new lock code for them and assumed the above rule would also take care of disarming HSM. However when I added the new lock code for them, HSM wasn't disarmed and the alarm went off. I tested again and same result. Using a lock code that has been in existence for a long time properly disarms HSM as the rule would indicate. Once I went back into the rule and edited it, it seemed to go searching for new lock codes and now the new lock code also works.

Is this a bug? Is there anyway the trigger 'any lock code' could work for any code even if the new code is added subsequent to creating or editing the rule?