Trigger Always Fires True when Evaluated

I have setup a trigger to turn on a light when a virtual switch is turned on. The trigger also turns off the virtual switch. I also have a restriction on this trigger so that it only fires when the mode is Home. I'm using the this trigger to relay weather information from IFTTT via the virtual switch. I only want the light to come on when the home is occupied so, I use the switch to store the weather alert until the house is occupied.

I have a second trigger called When Mode Changes to Home that I fire off evaluations of rules and triggers when the mode changes to home.

I have my switch trigger added to evaluate from my When Mode Changes to Home trigger. Even though the condition for the trigger is false, the trigger is firing. Is this normal or is there something I don't understand about triggers? The behavior I am seeing is what I would have expected from Run Actions of these rules.

For now, I have worked around the issue buy creating a rule.

Triggers just fire based on the event. Probably you want to use a rule instead, but I'm guessing without seeing what you're working with. Could you post screen shots of what you've created so we can help.