"Translating 1 to Bond" every 1/2 second in my logs

I have noticed this recently in my Hubitat logs. I haven't noticed the Bond not working but it is "Translating 1 to Bond" every 1/2 second in my logs. I don't know what that actually means but it can't be a good thing that it is taxing my hub every 1/2 second when I am not doing anything with the fans. I rebooted the Hubitat hub and its still doing it. I posted same in the Bond Community Forum.

The logs show it is translating every 30 secs. I don't think that would be an issue.

Oops you are right. Any idea what "Translating 1 to Bond" means. Even at every 30 seconds, this is a recent change. This didn't show up nearly as often previously.

I'm sorry I don't use Bond, but my uneducated assumption would be that it is just a call to keep the current state updated.

First, it's always useful to tell what app is generating the log message. In this case it looks like my BOND Home integration. It is a debug message in the bond integration that is translating a fan speed. If you don't want to see debug logging, you can turn it off right in the app. It looks like you have it enabled.

Every 30 second the integration polls the BOND Hub for device status (this is because BOND doesn't yet have a way to send information back to HE when device status changes). That's all you're seeing here. Why are you seeing it twice every 30 seconds? Well, by any chance do you have 2 fans? That would be your answer.

FYI if you're saying it's a recent change, it must be you turned on debug logging recently... it has been doing this logging since the first release and it has always polled every 30 seconds.

Curious, what is Bond?

https://bondhome.io/ It's a device that lets you control RF fans, fireplaces, and window shades. There are other solutions on the market but the nice thing about this one is a local API, so no need for a cloud integration which makes it nice for HE!

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@dman2306 You are correct, i do have 2 fans but i don't remember it showing up that often. I just switched to a wifi mesh system with a new IP address range and it caused a little havoc in my setup. Maybe I changed something while trying to get that fixed. I will turn off logs since it seems like that isn't a "THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG!!!!" message. Thanks for the info.

Nope, it's working as expected. BOND will be adding some new functionality in a future release (no idea when) that will let it "push" the information to HE whenever there is a change instead of me having to poll every 30 seconds. Once that functionality is available I'll implement it, but it will take some time... it will require me to rearchitect my solution quite a bit.

@lelynch I just got it about a month ago. I tried the Broadlink Pro first but it would only control one of my RF fans. It doesn't operate in the correct RF range to control most RF fans so I went with the Bond route. Its in beta right now controlling locally. So far it works pretty well but sometimes the Bond app will think a light is already on so trying to turn it on thru Hubitat doesn't work. That's what @dman2306 was describing where Bond can't send status back to HE. For example, if I use the remote that came with the fan, Bond has no way to know that.

@dman2306 I didn't realize I was getting help straight from the author of the Bond integration app. THANK YOU!!! It works great. I have since bought remotes for 2 other my fans that didn't have RF control already. Now I just need to find time to install.

I'll have to keep an eye on this. It could be useful to me for my window A/C units (old house) when they get that working. I'm using Harmony right now which I don't really like much.