Transitions stopped working

Yesterday my Hubitat was unresponsive.
I then rebooted it and I noticed that there was an update available.

I upgraded from to now my transitions are not working anymore. It just jumps from the starting scene to the ending scene. I rolled back to and it worked again. I then upgraded to again and the first transition worked, but then the following ones did not work anymore.

I've rolled back to again... All seems to be working now...

Am I the only one with the problem?

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I just saw this as well. I only have one of them but at the proper time, the transition did not work for Hue Lights but it did for native bulbs.

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Hi Bruce (@bravenel),

I have just tested and the transitions are still not working on the latest update. I only have Philips Hue lamps. At the scheduled time, the transition just jumps from the starting scene to the ending scene.

No hurry, I'm running fine on - but is this still on your todo list? I'm scared that I will not be able to upgrade in the future, when it's needed...

Thank you kindly, I know that you guys are extremely busy, I don't want to impose.
If I could test anything for you, I'll be glad to help.


Please check with latest 2.1.8 update.

Hi Bruce,

I've done some testing.
I have tested on Hue White Ambience with type "hueBridgeBulbCT" and Hue Colour with type "hueBridgeBulbRGBW".

I have tested with version and version

Dimming/brightening transitions work perfectly.
Transistions changing colour temperature do not work.
Neither does changing colour.

Here are some logs:

And here, the exact same rule in version

Hard to believe that there aren't more people with this problem :smile:

Thank you for looking into this. As I've said, there's no hurry (yet).

I've been having problems with this, too.

Probably not a lot of people using this yet. I plan to now that my setup is stable, but I didn't want to before because I was having slowdowns and didn't want to give the hub more to do. I appreciate you finding this and bringing it to Bruce's attention so it can be fixed :+1:

It looks as though a bug was introduced to Scene Transition. I will track it down and fix it.

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This certainly did get broken. Fixed now, will be in the next release.


I see the fix listed in the 2.1.9 release notes. Does application of the fix require any user intervention, or will existing Scene Transitions with color / color temperature changes just start working again?

They should just work. Could be that opening the app and hitting Done would help. Give it a try.

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Thank you, Bruce, it's working again!