Transferring Hubitat to new owner

I think I know what to do to transfer hubitat to a new owner when I sell my house. But not sure the implications for them to use Alexa for voice control of lights and other devices. They will be bringing their own Alexa device. Do they then need to discover every switch, light, water leak detector, etc.? Or will all of this come over from hubitat?

They will need to link their Amazon Alexa account to "their" Hubitat Account using the "Hubitat Skill" from within their Alexa app on their phone/tablet. Once they do that, they will then be able to select the Hubitat devices that they want exposed to Alexa. Afterwards, all of those devices will appear with in the Alexa app. They can then create Alexa Groups/Rooms and place their Amazon Echo devices and Hubitat linked devices in each of the appropriate Groups/Rooms.