Transferring hub to another account

I was telling a home builder friend of mine about HE and he wants me to set up a basic system so he can market his new home as a smart home. Im planning in installing a door lock, garage door opener, about 4 light switches, thermostat , water sensor, a couple of motion sensors and a Konnected IO board to the alarm panel. Be interesting to see if he gets a better return on about a thousand investment. The question however is, once I set the hub up in his name, will I be able to transfer the habitat account to a new owner? Would be a shame to have to re-pair everything to the hub again if not fully transferable.

Sorry I don't have any experience with transferring ownership of a hub, but I'd suggest adding a water shutoff valve to the list, or at least make sure the water main is a 90 degree shutoff valve so it's easy to add something like a Dome water shutoff Valve without having to redo plumbing. I would think being able to tell potential homeowners that if a water leak is detected it will automatically shutoff the water would be beneficial.

I want to use one of those at my house perhaps it's worth putting in. The challenge is how much to invest. I know I found a reasonably priced valve on Amazon (water cop) for 145. May be worth it

@macdenewf1 This place is always a great place to look.

I have gone through the transfer hub/account process and it's not super easy to do. You need to get support involved. I had a buddy borrow mine for a few months and he had to go through this process, as did I when I got it back. Support is pretty quick with this and it's not terribly difficult, but you can't do it without support. If you plan ahead and give yourself a day or two to contact support and have them work their magic, it will be fine.

On another note, we sold our house and included our SmartThings set up with a bunch of light switches and door locks. It really didn't get us much. The folks that bought it thought it was neat, but it didn't make them buy faster or pay more.

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Great price on that valve. Way better than amazon. Getting one! Thanks for the link.

It's actually pretty straight forward, You add the new person as an admin to the hub and then they remove you as an admin from it:


I'm guessing that was a while ago that you did this? Support does not need to be involved anymore.

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Appreciate that reply Chuck. So it’s fairly easy then to transfer account oenweship without losing any of the programming ?


it was recently, but the hub was still on 1.xx which may have been the reason i had to get them involved. it wasn't resetting appropriately. It's all coming back to me, that was a late sunday night working on that.