Transferring hub, devices and rules

Good morning.
I recently bought a new hub and some devices that i would like to set up stand alone from my current system. its a pool automation system that I'm trying to get working..and if i can get it right - i have several friends that have expressed interest in installing. And ive been bored for a few week ends so this gives me something to occupy my time :slight_smile:

Ideally id like to set the hub up under my name, do a temp install on the devices, get the rules working the way i would like.... then hopefully when i get it all working..just change the admin user name and account ownership to someone else.
Is that possible?

I know that setting up the zwave decides insitu at the final location is preferred but if a wave repair doesnt work i don't mind resetting and re joining them. At least i won't have to re write the rules, rather just re assign the devices to the specific rule.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, once setup the way you like it, then follow instructions in this post to switch the admin to someone else:

It sounds like you are aware of the negative side-effects of building the mesh in a different location. Performing a Z-Wave repair should help. Good luck.

Appreciate the reply.

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