Tradrfi bulb on hue bridge - cant see bulb


ikea - helping us island folk!


But you get a colour bulb instead of a color bulb. You're paying a premium for that extra "u". :wink: hehe


it doesn't make it any more special I tells ya!


It's an extra U for Steve as well :wink:


So the Hue bulb paired straight away so it must be the ikea bulb. Not sure whether to try and link it back to the ikea hub tomorrow or just turf it.


If you've got a Trådfri Gateway, I would take a few minutes to try. Why not? If it pairs, leave it connected for a few hours. IKEA firmware updates VERY slowly. You might need an update if that's a bulb you've had around for a long time. Do you have the box for it? They have the revision levels stamped on the box.


#facepalm - so I had removed the motion sensor which was the driver for the bulb, so I was trying to pair the bulb to the motion sensor which wasnt linked to the tradfri hub.
So linked the MS, then paired the bulb to the tradfri hub and I can see it now and it is up-to-date.

going to leave it connected and give it a few hours and try to pair back to the hue then.


So i unpaired the motion sensor, unpaired the bulb and reset it but the hue hub wont pick it up.
From looking at youtube a few people say to turn off other hue bulbs to help the pairing and a lot of people are using mobile light fixtures to get the bulb within 2cm of the hue hub. I think Ikea have a mobile light fixture so I might try that. Another purchase to test a theory.


I have never had to unscrew any of my Hue bulbs, but the IKEA radio don't seem to transmit at a very high power during pairing, so yes, pairing close to the hub if you don't have a compatible repeater near it may been what's needed. Pairing in place doesn't seem to work very well for the Hue bridge. I often have to bring bulbs close to it to get them to pair. I have a socket I put together specifically for this purpose.


yeah I bought a socket from ikea (cheapest lamp with an e27 screw fitting for $20) no luck, reset the bulb on the stick, hit find on the hue app - nothing.

I have another ikea bulb in the garage so I might try that one after dinner and see what happens :frowning:


So i got my E27 opal out of the garage, placed it next to the hub, reset it and Bazingah it found and paired straight away. Added it to a room, added it to HE, its listed as a device and controllable. So I got the E27 clear (one I was having issues with) reset it, placed next to the hub.... Nothing.
The opal has a firmware of 1.2.214 the clear has 1.2.217 BUT in the tradfri hub app, both bulbs are up to date with their software.
But at the end of the Day, the e27 clear did pair once with the hue hub as per the screenshot... im lost as what to try now, as I want the clear cause it has a blue-er white which I prefer over the warm white.


So that’s a new E27 clear? I don’t have any of those and have never bought one. Never heard that any of the TRÅDFRI bulbs with updated firmware wouldn’t work. So if that’s the same bulb as before, then it is a bad radio. If that’s a new bulb and it still doesn’t work, then maybe it’s not compatible? The Hue developers forum and sometimes the SmartThings forum with have information like that.


the E27 clear is the one ive been trying to pair from the start. The E27 opal is the one in the garage ive never tried before.
The catch is, I had it (clear) paired once as pictured but it never showed in HE and once I reset the Hue Hub the bulb has not paired to the hue again since.


Could have happened during the reset of the bulb. I tried dimming one as a first time sacrifice to see what would happen. IKEA bulbs are good candidates for that sort of abuse. That fried the radio of course. So I would imagine that quickly power cycling could potentially do the same, but that's the reset process. Exchange is in order it seems.


hmmm but it resets and rejoins the ikea hub no issue.
that and i turfed the box for it.


Oh, I misunderstood. Well then perhaps you'll find an answer on the Hue Developers forum. The bulb pairs with HE or will not?


it paired with the hue once, but wouldnt be found on HE.
after resetting the hue hub the bulb link was broken and didnt connect again.
I haven't tried a straight pair to HE no hub.


Hmm, I paired a new Trådfri warm white about two weeks ago and it was fine. Afraid to try now. What firmware version is your Hue Bridge running? I'm assuming Australian versions are different from Canadian versions. Mine is 1932073040


1932073040 here too