Tradfri GU10 ON Speed

So I have some of the GU10 Tradfri bulbs (Both the tuneable and non-tuneable variety) and they both seem to take quite a bit longer than any other bulbs that i use to react to turning on, turning off is fine just on.

I have attached a video of me turning on a set of bulbs using a pico remote so show the delay, its not huge but compared to the bulbs that I took out (HomeDepot EcoSmart GU10) it is very noticeable i am only switching because of the whine that the EcoSmart bulbs produce at low levels and the fact that if you dim them to less than 10% and shut them off later they refuse to turn back on.

I know it doesent seem like much but going from instant On that the EcoSmart Bulbs provided to this is a bit of an annoyance, I have tried different drivers (Generic Zigbee bulb, the CT drivers, the Generic ZigBee Dimmer), I have done them in and out of groups, even turning them on from the webUI has the same delay.

What I am hoping to hear from the community is that I just need to update them using the Ikea tradfri hub, I just don't want to buy it for it to make no difference in the functionality or the reliability of the bulbs. I hope someone here has the hub, seen this problem, updates them and resolved the issue, that or if there is another reason to update the bulbs I'm all ears ... Or eyes I guess.

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Sorry I don't have any of those Ikea lights but when you say “webUI” are you referring to a dashboard page or from the actual Device Driver page, for one of those lights ? The later is a much better test.
Also are you comparing Zigbee lights to standard LED lights ?? I’m not familiar with Ecosmart as a brand (being in Aus)

I use 4 Gledopto GU10's in a light cluster and they also take a little while to start-up. Just a thought tho', do you have any time set for transition on the device page? Make sure that is not set if you want the quickest response.

I might be missing something in your video, but I can't actually see any lights turning on (just a shot of them after they all appear to have been turned on). In any case, I haven't used the GU10 bulbs in particular, but I have tried a few Tradfri A19 bulbs (the RGB one and the 1000+-lumen CT model), and they are all a bit slow to respond to everything in my experience on either a Hubitat hub (directly paired) or a Hue Bridge (through the Bridge or even Touch Link devices). I think it's just a ... feature ... of these bulbs.

The "Transition Time" setting in the driver is the default transition time for a setLevel command, which can take either one argument (the new level) or two (the new level plus the desired transition time in seconds). It shouldn't matter for on/off commands. You could try a setLevel(100,0) instead of an on() to see if it happens to be faster, but my guess is that it won't be much of a difference (not all devices respect that second parameter and ones that do have varying abilities for a value of 0/ASAP).

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I love it.. It’s a feature... :rofl:

I used to have 4 EcoSmart GU10's in a hood fan, and I replaced them with Ikea Tradfri GU10's.

They are BOTH TERRIBLE. They fall off this mesh, they fall off that mesh.
(Do you remember the sang "I Can't get no, Satisfaction")
Well, I can't get any satisfaction with these bulbs.

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I try to avoid zigbee bulbs as much as possible

What’s the bet your Hood Fan is metal and is acting somewhat like a faraday cage, blocking the radio signals ??
If that’s the case you’d have to have a good repeater VERY close indeed.

I have the transition time set to the lowest possible setting, it's more the time between when I actually hit the button to when they start brighting up to 100%.

All my light bulbs in my home are ZigBee mostly the EcoSmart bulbs and I really don't have many problems other than may once every 5-6 months one bulb might drop. Never really had a problem with the gu10 ecosmarts dropping other than when I dimmed them to under 10% once I stopped them from ever dimming under that point they never dropped off the system. I just don't like them for that reason and also when they are dimmed below 30% or so them sale an annoying whine noise.

I will probably stick with the Ikea bulbs even with the slower response because to me that is less of an annoyance then the EcoSmart annoyances, better of the 2 evils I guess ...

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