TRADFRI Dimming Kit vs SYMFONISK Sound remote

I’m looking for a battery powered button I can stick on the headboard so we can turn on a light for nursing to a dim level — a basic scene controller. We have a aeotec quad and it’s frustrating because it’s an older model with some capacitance issues and it constantly flashes in the middle of the night for no reason. For WAF reasons, the aeotec hasn’t been great. I need something simple and reliable.

I’ve considered getting a SYMFONISK Sound remote because I also need to order a couple zigbee repeaters from ikea. They’re a little more expensive than the TRÅDFRI kit and don’t come with a bulb.

However, eBay has a bunch of vendors selling something like this which are a bulb and a dimmer pair for cheaper than the Symfonisk. And I happen to need two bulbs.

Opinions on either? Or a different solution?


For the very same reason (nursing wife), I put a Samsung button (Samsung SmartThings Button SmartThings - GP-U999SJVLEAA | Samsung US) attached to our headboard. It gives you PUSH, HELD, and DOUBLE TAP. For us, PUSH toggles a lamp with a zigbee bulb in it. HELD toggles ceiling fan between off & low. DOUBLE TAP makes an announcement on Living Room Echo that she needs me. I can't recommend doing that last one enough. You could also do something like HELD toggles lamp from 20% to 100%.

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The Tradfri dimmer (square one) is not supported on Hubitat. The round one is by a community driver but you should be aware of a few limitations. The round dimmer has no buttons like the Symfonisk does. You can't "click" it. You turn off by fast spinning to the left and turn on by fast spinning to the right.

The Symfonisk remote is.supported by a native driver but it can be problematic to use as a button controller sometimes. The native driver also only supports single and double click., not the triple click. I have two of these and they aren't terrible. But are definitely not my favorite.

If you're looking for a button device, stick with a ERIA or Hue dimmer. They're a lot more reliable and easier to use.

If you just want to control a single bulb, you can touchlink pair the Symfonisk remotes to a Zigbee LL bulb. It works and if I remember correctly you could dim it fast enough to not be too blinded.

The Symfonisk remote does have problems with its HE pairing, but I’ve only used mine for audio and only certain things were not working right, so maybe it’s better with lighting long term? :man_shrugging:t3:

Often the fix has been to simply remove the battery for 30 seconds. Sometimes re-pair.

[Edit] Just tried mine after it’s been sitting for about a month and it’s still working correctly.