Trådfri bulbs on Hubitat or IKEAs own hub?

I have started to move my IKEA Trådfri bulbs over to Hubitat but now that IKEA’s own, Trådfri, hub supports sunrise and sunset I’ve started to think wether I should move over my Trådfri bulbs or not.

They’ll act as mesh repeaters but I gues they’ll be more stable on the Trådfri hub?

What do you guys think?

The consensus observation has been that bulbs, which function as zigbee repeaters, tend to destabilize ZHA networks on Hubitat.

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I have good luck with one Tradfri bulb on hubitat. I did update the firmware but since you have their hub it should be updated. I recall it was mentioned on the smartthing forum that they fixed the bulb issue with a firmware update. If the bulb has a firmware version of 2.0 or newer then I think this is Zigbee 3.0 and probably has the issue with routing corrected.


I moved from ST some 5 months ago and have 8 IKEA bulbs (different shapes and sizes) connected with HE without any issues..
I updated all the bulbs with my IKEA hub before pairing them.
I also have a couple of IKEA's repeaters and outlets around the house, and these seems to be chosen as repeaters over the bulbs, when i look at the Zigbee route/mesh page..
As i also have a lot of Aqara/Xiaomi devices (door sensors, motion sensors and a variety of different buttons), i was a bit worried, as they can be rather flakey if your mesh isn't strong, but no issues so far.. :crossed_fingers::blush:


I don't have a IKEA hub so i didn't update the firmware or anything.
I think the bulbs don't act like a zigbee repeater for me now. But I do have IKEA zigbee repeaters and they work perfect.
I use my IKEA light in storage room and don't think i will get more, i think it's a bit to slow and not as pretty as a philips hue or semi like that. We also Lik to play with the colors.
Green helps with headache
Bleu is easy for the eyes when waking up
Red is... non of your concerns :smiley:
And i do like Philips hue for that. the nock-offs flikker before changing color etc...

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