Tradfi Smart Plug Responsive at device but not on dashboard

What would cause a device to be non-responsive on the dashboard but snappy responsive at the device page?

I can push the button on the dashboard and it will turn on or off depending on the state and then it shows the hourglass. I can push the button a second time and it will toggle one time while the hourglass remains and after that no response.

In this instance this is happening with a Tradfri plug but I've seen this a few times over the years with other devices. On the device page for this Tradfri plug on and off are as fast as I can touch those different buttons.

Other devices on this dashboard are working properly and there are 20 devices available to this one dashboard.

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My guess: even when you run the "on" or "off" commands manually from the device page, the switch state (under "Current States" on the device page) doesn't update. Dashboard won't like that since it waits for the state to update before showing you anything else.

The usual fix: hit the "Configure" button/command on the device page (you won't see anything happen, but it should send Zigbee configuration to the device to help it report correctly back to the hub). Make sure you're using the "Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet" when doing this, if that's not what it happened to have paired with.

Many thanks @bertabcd1234, you nailed it.

This worked perfectly for me as well! Thank you and thanks OP for asking the question.

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