Tradfi bulb on hue bridge switching on by itself after being turned off by app or RM

I have a few tradfri bulbs paired to my hue bridge and use the built in integration.

A couple of them are controlled by time (simple lighting app) or motion triggered with delay turn off (via RM). On a couple of occasions (literally had this happen only twice over the last 6 months) the light will turn back on a fraction of a second after being turned off by these apps.

Logs don't show anything other than the light flicking back on without any intervention. I don't have any separate settings in the hue app, everything is controlled from the HE.

Any ideas? I do stress it is a rare occurrence.

Is the transition set to 0?
I get some weird behaviour with my tradfri globe on my hue hub if it isn't.

ahh no it was left at the default of 1s. I'll change it to 0 and see what happens (could be a while before I report back!) Thanks for the pointer.

Edit - can't set to 0, smallest is 500ms.

Hang on are we talking transition time under the preferences setting for the device or the duration in the set level command?

Yuk. Intermittent problems. I hate those.
Much easier when things just don’t work, every time, eh. LOL
Is it a single light that is causing issues or several ?
If your “Logs show the light flicking back on” you should be able to determine what App is causing it.

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Under preferences which I probably have as 500ms not zero then if it is the lowest option.

That's just it the logs just show the light turning on without any intervention. Looks like some kind of "bounce" effect as it happens a split second after being turned off.

@at9 thanks. We'll see what happens :smiley:

I have my TRADFRI bulbs directly connected to HE, even if we have a HUE hub in the facility.
Have you tried that?
To reset bulb, switch on and off 6 times in a row, and It should reset and start blinking and looking for the HE hub.
Worth a try, since I have not seen any short blinking as you mention.
Good luck.

No, I've changed the transition time per @at9's suggestion and will wait and see what happens first before trying a reset of the affected bulbs. Thanks for the suggestion, a reset may well cure the issue.

I actually had some issues with my Tradfri bulb last night that the dimming was bouncing back immediately unless I set a transition time in the device.
If I have time tonight I might look at trying out the CoCoHue Integration and see it it works better.

Please post back with your results!

Finally got around to installing CoCo Hue and the same bounce back issue is happening.

Sounds like some bulb oddity (I've noticed Trådfri bulbs are just kind of slow in general, among other issues), but CoCoHue should give you the option for lower transition times than the native driver. That's just the default value for a setLevel (assuming I didn't mess up the case where it's ASAP, ie., 0...), for which you could also specify your own value any time. It sounds like you previously discovered something like that helped?

It is defiantly some bulb oddity as my hue bulbs are fine. Sometimes it works with setting the transition time but most of the time it doesn't. However if you set the level twice with about a second in between it stay at the correct level after bouncing.

Just a thought - have you upgraded the firmware on the tradfri's? I did end up getting the ikea hub because some of my bulbs would not pair initially due to old fimware.


Might be the fix needed. I’ve had IKEA bulbs do weird stuff like this every so often. Sometimes they flicker briefly too. All mine are on the Hue bridge. The Hue lights never do this. I’ve stopped buying IKEA bulbs.

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Interesting I do get the odd flicker from one of my lights as well.

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I would too if Philips made brighter bulbs. Only Ikea has 1000lm bulbs.

So I assume your issue is with their CT bulb, not their RGB(W-ish) bulb? That's the only one I know of that is 1000+ lm. I might have one to test with, though I did update the firmware on all of mine with their Gateway fairly recently in case that is part of the differences.

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Yes - most of my bulbs are CT. I have a couple of plain white ones but don't really like them because the temp is too warm. I don't need RGB plus they cost more :smiley: