Tracking down Delay

Using a C7 running

I have a Scene that is activated by using a triple-tap on a ZEN77 (Vanity - dev104) using the ZEN Dimmer Advanced community driver from jtp10181 (Hubitat). I am using the button controller to do this. Here are the scene settings for the Scene (Showing - dev367):

This morning, When I triple-tapped the button to initiate the scene, it took several seconds to actually change the lights (over 10 seconds). It eventually did change all of the lights in the scene, but I turned on one of the lights (closet) manually before the scene actually turned it on.

In the log below, you can see that the button was triple-tapped at 9:11:52:845. The closet was turned manually at 9:11:59:425, 7.6 second later but the last scene device in the log (Master Shower Light) wasn't turned on until 9:12:12.737, In reality, the Master Shower Light was turned on a second or two before the Vanity, even though the Vanity was the second device to have a command sent (log says it was blocked - not sure what that means).

Any ideas on where I look to figure out what is going on here? I have 88 devices in my Z-Wave network (mostly Zooz Switches/dimmers), 65 of which us S2 security.