Track dim with hub variable not working

I've got this rule to adjust my hub variable (hubDimmerLevelDS) if I manually adjust the dimmer level of a virtual dimmer (Downstairs). It's a Rule Machine 5.0 rule. This rule was working fine in RM 4.0, with global variables, but I wanted to see if I get some efficiency from hub variables instead of global variables.

It doesn't seem to update the hub variable, though. Here is what the log says:
I tested setting the rule to a fixed value instead of using Track Dim, and that worked fine. The issue appears when using Track Dim.

I am aware that I could use the connector to achieve this directly but I have to have a separate virtual dimmer to get around the issue of changing dimmer level values turning switches on. I can show the other 4 rules I have to get around this, if you need them, but I think I have my only issue narrowed down to the description above.

Thanks in advance,

Am I the only person experiencing this, or affected by it?

How is everyone else achieving dim up in the morning and down in the evening without triggering the lights to turn on while maintaining the ability to use voice commands to adjust the same dimmers?

There is a bug with dimTrack. Will get it sorted out...

The fix for this will be in the 2.2.9 release, now in beta.

Thanks, Bruce!

I just downloaded and Track Dim still doesn't seem to be working

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