Tp Link Power Monitoring Info Provided

Hi there guys, hope youre having a nice i have a question,its about the Tp link Kasa models kp115 and kp125,both with power metering

Anyone of you guys have any of these or other tp link kasa plugs or others with power metering installed on the hubitat?
i want to know a couple of things

1: the voltage of the power grid its showed even when the plug is in OFF position?

2: how fast is the refresh rate in the information displayed on the hubitat?can be adjusted?

3: Wich information is displayed on Hubitat,can you show me an screenshot of the info displayed?

little back story first
i have a sonoff s31 plug with power metering capabilities, is flashed with the web UI show me the voltage (even when is off) current, active power (WATTS) and other things,the information is displayed in real time basically,even when i plug something to it,it show me the current,watts etc, real fast, but when i use it on hubitat with this driver:

it works fine BUT in take too much time (automatically 1 minute) in showing if the voltage change and wattage in use, and i need faster refresh, mainly because in some seasons, on my home the voltage get to high and i want to make a rule to make,if my voltage go above of 135v (for example) make something, or even send me a simple notification to my phone,thats why i want and need that refresh to be faster

Aside,i ask the tp link because i trust a little bit more in a completly native integration, (cant find a zigbee with power metering plug for this task)
(the image i upload is the WEB UI of my sonoff with tasmota)

Thanks for your time guys

I know a little about the TP-LInk/Kasa devices. (Original author of the integration in Hubitat). The em functions provide the data below. Concentration is on energy and power (not voltage), The driver has a user-definable poll-interval down to 5 seconds to be able to capture connected-device power-up and power-down sequences (works great for washers to detect when a cycle has ended or a tv to determine if turned on or off - then do other actions in rule machine.


The data available from the actual device real-time is below. There is also separate historical data for energy usage by day.

"emeter": {
    "get_realtime": {
        "current_ma": 0,
        "err_code": 0,
        "power_mw": 0,
        "total_wh": 0,
        "voltage_mv": 231561

Final item. The matter versions of the plug currently available in the US do not report the same energy factors. This is also true for the Tapo versions.


If you need that much granularity and refresh speed, look into the Iotawatt device. I run one for monitoring energy use, but it can take multiple transformers to monitor both legs of your power.

Why is your house voltage fluctuating so much? Power grid problems?

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Off grid?

I've been using a Z-Wave Aeotec Home Energy Monitoring system for a long time now.

It's been reporting whole house power at 5 second intervals for all that time.

I just set it so that it reports voltage at 5 second intervals as well.

Could be an option.

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Sadly they're no longer being sold... :frowning:

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Hi there,thanks for your response,and sorry for the time i took to respond, i will keep it on mind that device

answering your question, why so much voltage fluctuation? hard to say,
short story; i live in latinamerica,mexico to be precise jeje :p, specially in season of rains we,on my house and the neighburns houses sometimes got undervoltage and overvoltage, a few years ago, 2 years in the the row got spikes of voltage, and 2 times i get over 160v-180v (sustained),saddly was on the night while we where sleeping. and the ¨popping¨sound of a few devices exploding wake me up:(

since then,after reporting it to the electric company they changed wires on the street,and make adjustments, but i live affraid :s, lately i had only nominal voltage and nothing above130 but...i want to be prepared :confused:

PS:the company didnt respond for the burn devices,fortunaly almost all the major devices are protected by powerstrips with fuses,and voltage regulators.wich ones when is over 140 or under 90 they get auto powered off

power grid problems :frowning: a couple of times i reach the 180v on the night while was sleeping :frowning: loosing a few devices (my nominal voltage is about 120-127v)

Thanks for the screenshot and the info just what i was looking for,saddly you are right,it doesnt show the voltage for my purpose,maybe in a future they integrate that option on the driver, altought i think is not so much requested

thanks so much and sorry for my late response,