Toggle three Hue lights sometimes out of sync

In my guest room, I have three Hue lights in table lamps. I have a Samsung single-button switch next to the bed to turn on and off the lights using a toggle command. Most of the time, it works just as expected.

Occasionally one of the lights stays on when the switch is pressed. The following press of the button will turn on the light that we're off and turn off the light that was on. Is there a rule (machine) algorithm to correct the lights being out of sync on the next button press?

The only solution I've come up with is to have a single button tap to command the lights to turn off and a double tap to turn on the lights. Most guests can't remember to double tap to turn on lights.

You could do a conditional based on if any lights are on then turn all off otherwise turn all on. That will at least get them back into sync


How are the Hue lights connected to HE? Via a Hue hub or direct? And how are you turning them on/off? With a scene or with three individual toggle commands or...?

The Hue lights connect through the Hue hub and are individually controlled. The switch toggles on/off all three at the same time. My question is what the algorithm needs to be to ensure they are all in the same state on the next button click.

Understood. My thought was if you could figure out why they got out of sync and address root cause getting them back in sync might be a non-issue.

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Exactly my thoughts....

The next time it happens, check the switch status of the Hue bulb on Hubitat Device Details is it showing as off when it is actually on? I have 50 Hue bulbs and never encountered this problem so I too wonder why it's happening in your system. My guess would be lost packets between Hubitat hub and Hue bridge.

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Hue lights are more reliable than the Enbrighten switches I have. All of these systems have improved dramatically in the last few years. Z-wave has markedly improved with the recent update, but dropouts do occur. The question is if it is because of lost packets, how do we fix that problem?

Packets can get lost for any number of reasons. Sometimes it's strictly a physical layer problem (bad cable or port, for instance), or it can be in a higher layer of the network stack, such as a congestion issue or even routing. Could also be an app issue I suppose. I've had problems where I was flooding one HE hub with mesh updates (because I didn't read the documentation and got lazy) and that caused it to miss events from a telnet stream... so it can be something like that as well.

What does your network look like?