"Toggle these switches" doesn't toggle correctly


I have an action where I toggle two light switches (Hue bulbs via Hub Integration).

If Light A is on, and Light B is off, I expect the action to result in Light A being off and Light B being on. But this doesn't happen. Both lights end up being switched on.

It seems like a bug to me, unless I have misunderstood what toggle is supposed to do.


You'd have to show the rule you are using. If you select more than one light for a toggle, and they are out of sync, it's going to get them in sync. They do not toggle independently.


Yes, I select more than one light for a toggle. I was testing with 2, but actually want to toggle 8 lights. I think the label "toggle these switches" is a bit misleading, as I would expect Hubitat to toggle them independently.

I'm struggling to figure out how to flash some lights twice, for notification, and have them end at the same state as before the notification.

I've ended up with 4 triggers, to toggle the lights after 0 seconds, 1 second, 2 seconds, and 3 seconds. And was expecting that at the end each light state would be as before the notification.
If I have to do it separately for each light, I'd need 32 triggers.

Note I ended up with 4 triggers, because I tried a trigger with a repeated action, and then another trigger which runs "stop actions", but that doesnt work consistently for some reason. Sometimes it failed to stop the action, even though in the log it says the trigger has run and it is stopping the action. And the continuous flashing lights didn't please the missus and kids too much!


Returning to the same state is easy, but needs one more rule. You need two conditions for each. So a total of three rules.

  1. The virtual switch we ended up determining was the most reliable way to get the Hue Bridge to stop flashing after it starts the flashing (both rules will have this condition).
  2. You need the light state (ON for the first rule, OFF for the second). You should add every light you will flash by using the OR operator.

Add the two conditions with OR operators for each light, so that not every light is required to be in the same state.

You could add every light in the house but I would suggest just adding a few. I don’t think every light in the house needs the flash when the doorbell goes off. Just my opinion.

For the rule that looks for the ON condition, end the action with ON. For the rule that looks for the OFF condition, you will then of course end with OFF. It’s pretty much exactly like I showed you before but you’re looking for this additional conditions at the beginning. One rule for for on, one for off.


I can see your point.

Update: This will be 'fixed' in the next release. Changed the way toggle works to toggle each device independently. I agree that this makes more sense than the other way it was doing it.


Just to report that the independent toggling has been working fine since I updated.

Thanks Bruce.