Toggle Nest Floodlight Light?

I have a Nest Floodlight camera/light in my backyard and I'd like to be able to turn the light on/off from Hubitat. Does anybody know of a way to do this? I already use the Google SDM app, but I don't see anything listed in there to control the flood light light, just the camera.


This should work on the nest as well... And it's not reliant on cloud...

Very cool, but for this light specifically, I don't care that it's cloud-based, I just wanna get it controllable in Hubitat somehow. :thinking:

Unlikely without it being included with the API...

I’m even open to creative solutions like if there is a way to send a text version of an assistant command in Hubitat. Like “Hey Google, turn on the backyard light”. Ever heard of anything along those lines?

I assume GH has something similar to the Alexa custom routines where you can simulate commands being spoken; if so just a matter of setting up a virtual switch and exposing it to GH to get something like:

turn vSwitch on in HE -> GH sees change -> GH runs voice command to turn on Nest

Exactly. I just need to figure out have to expose GH assistant commands to Hubitat. :thinking:

Have you looked at:

The Home Assistant Device Bridge route would probably work, but the for sure way to control GH devices from Hubitat is Google Assistant Relay.

So am doing great this morning :coffee: - I looked at the posts and saw "Ring" not "Nest"....
sigh... removing my posts in order to prevent confusion.

I have a Sonos speaker next to a Google Nest Hub.

I get Hubitat to speak a TTS command on the Sonos ("Hey Google, do stuff..."). Nest Hub hears the command, and does it...

Its a bit clunky, tbh, but it works