Toggle activation for room lighting option turns the lights back off immediately

Can anyone please help me understand why when I push button 1 on hue dimmer (means to activate>toggle when buttons are pressed), the lights come on as expected but then immediately turn off.

I want to be able to turn the lights back on to this “normal state” if I suddenly need to change from a fun Hue scene to regular ambient lighting.

If I’m understanding this trigger option, pressing button 1 - in this case - should activate if not on and turn off if activated. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Screenshot shows settings. Sorry it’s an iPhone screenshot, can’t get to computer right now.

Lastly the only other potential problem with my logic setup I can think of is because I have the same button set to re-enable activation and re-enable turning off lights when pressed. I wouldn’t expect that the two would interact poorly since they’re 2 different options.

Thanks for any help!

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