Tips before updating to 2.0.4

On my first hub it said there was NOT an upgrade when I did the "check for updates" . After I rebooted the hub it found the update file.

On my second hub it would freeze during the download and not download the full file. After a reboot it downloaded the update just fine.

On my third hub everything was fine, saw the update, applied it, etc.

My suggestion (which I should have done in the first place, to be honest) is to reboot before checking for/installing the update

(all hubs are on the same subnet and have minimal CPU loading btw) I'm in a rural area and controlling lights on multiple buildings is beyond the range of one zwave network.


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For the last few months, I have been following this same procedure (i.e. reboot the hub before attempting a firmware upgrade.). Doing so has eliminated all issues that I had experienced previously, as well as the reboot creates another local database backup on the hub which is nice to have in case I need to revert.


No issues at all here, I don't reboot...just download a backup to my PC then do the update. Same process for the last 4-5 updates, no problems at all.


I have the same experience as @destructure00. Download a backup, hit update, wait on it to download, install and auto reboot and all is well.

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I had no problems with backup thus far without any sort of reboot, but given your experiences, I don't see harm in rebooting. I'm not sure what consequences @ogiewon and probably others have seen other than the inconvinience weirdness @eric4 described, but I'll assume your reboot recommendation helps and avoiding is worth the small delay.

Same here as @destructure00 and @rayzurbock
Havent had a single lockup or issue during any upgrades since I started with HE.

Ditto the last 5 replies - no issues with updating