Tips before building my automated home

This was probably overkill, but everywhere that I ran Ethernet, I ran dual Ethernet. That has been helpful with low voltage options. I also ran coaxial with each Ethernet pair. I probably would not do that again if I built today.

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Another thing to discuss with your electrician is that smart devices, by design, introduce earth leakage. The amount per device is small but can add up quite quickly and cause your consumer unit to trip. I live in the UK and and have a lot of smart home devices. When I had my consumer unit changed as part of a renovation project, in discussion with my electrician, we installed a 4 way consumer unit, so that we could spread the circuits and distribute the earth leakage.

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Yes you're right... HE is mostly zwave and Zigbee. I avoid wifi integrations. But having just spent thousands of dollars running ethernet cables in an existing structure I thought I would mention it while your walls were still open :). In my case the house was built before wiring was a thing.

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If you are planning any fancy sound and speaker options, surround sound, whole house music, etc. I didn't see any provisions for that.

Voice control usually means Alexa or Google although there are other options. You should probably make a choice and decide where the Echo or other devices will go.

Are we talking low voltage AC or DC devices here? This is interesting.

Mains 220volts AC

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