[Tip of the day] Users Edition

Turning the table for a change. Tell us what is your [Tip of the Day] by commenting below.

Help others learn from your own experience!

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Man...a lot of pressure here. :wink:

I have two:

  1. Make automations that are for your family as simple and consistent as possible, and save the complex but really cool ones for your own enjoyment
  2. Search for it...the app or question or automation or device or whatever you're curious about, mad about, hopeful about, has almost certainly already been discussed and often solved already.

You don't need rule machine for most automations. A lot of these can be handled by built-in or community apps


I've borrowed mine from Matt Ferrell who has a YouTube channel called Undecided, and is something I have commented on before The tip is to try and choose technology that can work on various platforms or can be accessed in multiple ways. Philips Hue is an example, I can access my lights through the hue app on my phone or tablet, my Google Home mini's, hubitat and various third party apps and services. This guards against future changes allowing you to move with those changes while giving you flexibility on a daily basis in accessing your devices. There are plenty of other examples of this and Matt has a good introductory set of videos where he talks about this and other good tips when starting out.


Regularly download a copy of your Hubitat backup offsite, be it on your PC, NAS, file server etc.

Head over to the below thread for some ideas to automate the process