[Tip of the Day] Adjusting your hub's Ethernet port speed

In the latest release ( we added Ethernet port settings on the Networking page. If your hub's pages are slow to load or sometimes the hub doesn't load at all, it may be that your network switch is unable to properly auto-negotiate the hub's Ethernet speed,

If that happens to you, connect to hub, then head to "Settings". Select "Networking" and scroll down to "Ethernet Speed" section. Switching to "Fixed 100mbps" may resolve your user interface problem.


Is a reboot required for the switch to take effect?

For or later app or endpoints, no.
For endpoints in or earlier, page output will tell if a reboot is required.


My C-4 hub on does not to have a Settings-->Networking control button. Is this normal?

Yes, C-4 hubs are also not affected by the auto-negotiation problem.


Is the C-7 interface limited to 100mbps when it is set to "Fixed 100mbps"? Does it not support faster speeds (e.g., if I switch to "Auto negotiated")? Mine is connected to a 1Gbps switch, but that particular switch doesn't tell me what the port is negotiated at.


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What would the hub do with a 1 Gbps Ethernet connection?

Go Faster. Duh.

( :wink: )
( this is a joke - I have no idea what needs/use cases there are for gigabit speeds vs 100Mb on the hub )


I can’t find the ludicrous speed button, please advise :thinking:.




Cat8 can’t handle that. You’ll have to use this new cabling called Tap11.


I disagree. My C-4 negotiates speed fine during its own boot process but if you pull the LAN cable or reboot the LAN router, speed negotiation fails and no link light will switch on. Hub access is broken and power cycle is the only remedy.

Speed negotiation works on all other ports with laptop, NAS, APs and other devices. I have also seen this issue with no link to hubitat over at least three different LAN routers including Asus, TP-Link and Ubiquiti.

After months, I finally had it resolved by changing the port speed from auto to 100/full on my EdgeRouter X. Now the link is rock solid. Pull the plug out and back in, the link light comes on almost instantly and all is good. Reboot LAN router, works fine.

@bobbyD this is case 23386.

I previously also tried the lanautonegconfigenable but that made no difference to the speed negotiation, to me

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I just switched mine to 100mbps and this has made a huge difference in speed! Thanks @bobbyD

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