Tip: Factory Resetting a Device on C7

I recently updated the firmware on a dozen Inovelli Red wall switches and thought everything worked perfectly, until I realized that the switches weren't properly updating their state. With some help from the Inovelli community, I realized that the switches needed to be factory reset after the firmware update.
If you are not familiar with the Inovelli Z-Wave switches, they are highly customizable, which is great, until you consider that each switch has several dozen possible preferences stored on them. I groaned at the thought of having to document every switch's preferences before the reset and applying those settings after the reset.
Then it came to me: Use the Hubitat device page to temporarily store all the preferences! and then Save Preferences to apply them!
Following are the steps to make it work. Note that this currently only works on the C7:

  1. Open up the Device page in one browser tab. In there you will find all the current device preferences.
  2. In another tab, open settings, go to the Z-Wave Details screen, and locate the device.
  3. Factory reset the device by following the manufacturer's directions.
  4. On the second browser tab, click the refresh button by the device you just reset (NOT THE BROWSER REFRESH)
  5. When it refreshes, a Replace button should appear next to the device. For me, the devices farther away from the hub required me to hit that Refresh button several times before the Replace button appeared. When it shows up, click it. This will put the hub into a special Inclusion mode.
  6. Put the device into inclusion mode.
  7. When the second browser tab says that the replace is complete, the device has been added back to Hubitat with the same ID as before.
  8. Return to the first browser tab (where you had all the previous preferences) and click Save Preferences. This will save the preferences as they were before the reset.

Voilà! The device has been reset, has all the preferences from before the reset, and all my Hubitat rules remain intact!


Yes the replace feature is very helpful. The trick with the extra browser tab is a good idea for drivers that will reset or read the settings from the device upon inclusion. Some drivers will just set the device back how it was, it just depends on how the author coded it.

I wrote up a similar guide geared more at Zooz devices but like yours can apply to anything:

And if all else fails and you have to pair the device new (or you have an older hub) use the Swap Apps Device feature found in the Settings page.