Timing of conditions

You'll be seeing me here a lot as i try to figure out how to work out my most complex rule/system of rules yet. First sub-question. I just typed out a conditional rule before realizing that my two conditions are inherently contradictory if AND is (and it should be, so I assume it is) handled as happening perfectly concurrently. I had:
Time since Event: Motion Active exceeds 20 min AND
Motion Active

What I'm trying to do is obviously "If there is motion, but this is the first motion active in at least 20 minutes, then do thing" which that would mean if they're being checked linearly, but what I wrote was basically if there's motion and not motion at the same time, if they're checked concurrently.

  1. will this work as intended (it probably shouldn't)
  2. when it doesn't, what's the easiest way of doing this?

Yes, this should work as intended. However, since your trigger would be “Motion Active” then the “AND Motion Active” will always be true, so you could remove that part of the rule.

Did you try it out? What happened?