Timeguard Switch

I have recently installed Hubitat and it's great.

However, I have some wall lights that are powered by a fused spur switch - not a light switch (weird wiring from a previous owner), so I installed a Timeguard switch

This allowed me to turn the lights on/off from the proprietary app manually or by a timed schedule.

However, now I have hubitat and a Hue motion/temp/light sensor, I would like to be able to thave the switch turn on based on the ambient room light levels.


  1. Get the Timeguard switch to talk to Hubitat - I have read a few things, and I don't think this is possible.
  2. Replace it with a Zigbee/Z-Wave fused spur and switch. Can't seem to find such a thing
  3. Replace the bulbs with Hubitat/Hue compatible bulbs. However, they have to be small 'golf ball' type bulbs, otherwise they would show over the top of the light fitting.(I am NOT allowed to replace the light fitting as it is very popular with my wife! Her tolerance of the smart home stuff is already stretched), but again,I can't seem to find any as this light fitting takes bayonet type bulbs.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful.