Time zone wrong - C7 to C8 Pro migration

Apologies if this was already posted. I did a quick search and didn't see it in the results.

This threw me for a second while migrating from my C7 to C8 Pro just now. My daily backups on the old hub were at 02:15 EST (UTC -0500, so 07:15 GMT). I made a backup just before shutting down the old hub at about 4:51 PM EST (= 9:51 PM GMT)

The screen showed this when I initially started the new hub:

All the times for the backups are showing as EST -0500, and the pop-up says the backup was made at 4:51 PM GMT, but it was made at 4:51 PM EST.

Not a big deal, but a bit confusing for a second when the list first popped up and I didn't see my backup from 4:51 local / 9:51 UTC on the list.

On reading your OP and noticing the 2-hour discrepancy, I was immediately reminded of this comment from last week...