Time, Time, Time: Anybody got the right time?

An unusual situation.
The time is now Feb 16, at approx. 8pm EST.
Location and time setting in Hub Settings correct.
Log shows the time as Feb 17, at approx. 1:05 am EST.

Why the difference?
In the attached screenshot, on the left is the time from settings, and on the right is the time from the logs.
(It was taken around a half hour ago)

I have not had a close look but I suspect that you only recently updated your time. The newest logs will appear further down under the old logs (because the old logs are from tomorrow).

Good guess, but no.
What makes it even more unusual , is that this time differential is only in the "past logs".
Current logs have the right time.

EST is not Eastern Standard Time. You want US/Eastern as your timezone.

That's what I have... US/Eastern for my time zone.

What is your hub's location? Is that set correctly?

I just checked that gain.
No problem there - everything set correctly.

Could it be a defect in a new hub?

The "order" should be... register hub, set location and TZ and reboot. Otherwise portions of the Hub are using the default time set prior to you altering time to your TZ.

I don't see where you say you've rebooted since altering the time / zone and location.

Yes, I have rebooted.
Not before I noticed this problem, but after.
Still, the times in the past logs are incorrect.

This is the new C5 hub, so I started it off by importing the database from the previous c4 hub.

anything logged prior to the reboot would continue to have the timestamp of the moment. Changing the time does not update already logged data.

But when does it catch up?
When does it change to the correct time?
(I think this theory is correct, because the time shows an advance of 5 hours)
And, in't it strange that "past logs" are affected, but the "current logs" are not?

It appears to be a bug with past logs on C-5 hubs. Will get a fix in for the next release.

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Thank you!

Could that also be a reason why some of my automation's that rely on time are not working?

Not this specific issue. This only effects the display of the logs. It's in UTC vs local time. The live logging will be accurate.

If you are having a specific issue with an automation it would help to see that apps status page, specifically the bottom area where schedules are. Click the gear icon next to the app name or in the app, top right.