Time on/Time off

So I want to turn my Air Exchanger on for 20min then off or 40min, continuously repeat.

Before I start to try and figure this out has anyone done something similar?

Using a thermostat or switch or outlet? If it is a thermostat, do you want to factor heating and cooling run time into it? If not,
It is a simple rule


Thanks thats too simple, LOL

I was playing with periodic schedule:

Define a Rule


Name this Rule*

Select Trigger Events
Every 20 minutes

Select Actions to Run
Off: Air Exchanger On: Air Exchanger --> delayed: 0:19:00


Click to set

Run Actions

Update Rule

Create Local Variables

The only other thing that I do is never start on the hour, I usually start things at non even times, like 23 minutes, so things don't line up.


I agree and definitely do not trigger at noon or midnight.

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Well this worked until midnight then stopped running.... do i have to set something else to run every day?

I had it set to start at 5:01pm every hour so I think that means it will run every hour from 501 to midnight. So I changed it to start at 1201am so hopefully that means it will run all 24 hours of the day