Time on hub misbehaving

All of my time based rules stopped working after the last hub update.

This morning I was trying to figure out why they stopped working and clicked on Hub Details. The date was off and the time was off by 5 hours and 7 minutes. The year was correct, where that had been off when I have seen this issue previously.

A complete reboot (shutdown, unplug, 30 seconds) did not resolve the issue. A ‘update time using browser’ has resolved it temporarily.

This is an FYI in case others are having the issue or in case any similar issues are already being tracked by support.

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I'm guessing your hub was unable to sync with a NTP (Time server)source for some reason. It would be great if there was a way to set the time server to use. In networks where it works offline most of the time it would be nice to have the time synced with an internal time server so the log times correspond with other things in your home like timestamps on IP cameras.

Update: something is happening between 12a and 7a that is causing my hub to lose the correct time.

I have not added any new user code to the hub in several weeks. I have made no changes to my home network, router config, etc. The only change was updating to 2.1.3.x and adding a few RM4.0 rules.

Last night I checked my hub status and the time was correct. This morning none of my time based rules were working and I checked hub status. The time and day were off again, similar to the screenshot above.

@bobbyD I’ll submit a support ticket to you for this. Thank you I’m advance for your help!

Edit: it appears that the time change is happening during or near whatever time the hub does its backup procedure. See the time stamps in the screenshot below. Note the last backup filename vs the date it says it was made.