Time of same firmware upgrade different on C3 and C5

upgrade time on my older

C3 hub is 3.27 min
C5 hub is 4.32 min

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also, C5 looks like is slower in web response and dashboard loading slower.
Does anybody have a similar experience?

My C-5 hub is my development hub. Thus, it has very few devices/apps installed and running on it. As a result, this hub reboots the quickest of my three. The other two hubs are a C-3 and a C-4. The C-3 takes longer than the other two as it is the workhorse of the house.

So, I think the current configuration of the hub “may” be a variable in how long certain tasks take, like firmware upgrades and reboots. Just a hypothesis. I don’t have any data from scientifically designed experiments to prove this one way or another.

I think i read something about potential problems with certain routers. Specifically netgear. But I do have asus rt ac5000. So i don't think its network related. And c5 do have much more automation than c3.

My C5 boots slower as well, but it's my main hub. The file backup size is ~23 meg.
My C4 boots up faster, it's for cloud connected apps and dodgy apps. Backup file size is ~10 meg.

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mine is 26M,
but it looks like the problem is related to my network environment specifically NetGear and Asus network components.
I think hubbitat@bobbyD resolved it

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Glad to hear you (probably?) got it resolved! I have similar experience to the other posters: my C3 is the workhouse, doing all of my Z-Wave, LAN, and most of my custom apps--things where I don't care if they are a bit slower than lightning-fast. Due to having lots of apps and devices (and events), this hub database is a lot larger than the others. I expect firmware updates and reboots to take a bit longer on this hub for that reason, and that's usually my experience. Database size likely plays a part since it backs it up on every successful reboot, though I'm not sure if that happens in the background after it's come back up or if it's part of what happens when you're still on the "splash screen."

My C4 is my test/development hub that gets very little activity; as such, upgrades and reboots are pretty fast on it. My C5 is somewhere in the middle, handling all of my Zigbee devices and all of my lighting automations (mostly also Zigbee but I didn't want two Zigbee networks for everything else). The hardware is pretty similar between all models, so I can't imagine that would make too much of a difference.

Upgrade time from to 119 was

C3 hub is 3.21 min
C5 hub is 4.42 min

So it is related to the database size.

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