Time notification Help

Hello - just came to Hubitat from Vera. So far - loving everything Hubitat has to offer and I'm happy with the move and getting used to how everything works.

Does this setup look ok?

Not sure if it is cancelling the timer properly if the garage door is closed. So that if it is re-opened the timer starts over again instead of continuing where it left off....if that makes sense? Thanks for the help

I keep it simple and want 15 minute continuous responses. May not be best approach, but below is my code (awaiting flame of comments on how bad). It could be modified for different periods. I consider these external control states to be critical - so a periodic doesn't bother me. I am modifying in the future to do a refresh on the doors before checking the state (in case some unlocked outside of Hubitat).

A few things you should address.

The rule will only fire when the door is opened and the ELSE-IF will never execute. Change your trigger to Garage Door Opener changed.

Your Delay at the beginning of the actions will apply to both the door opening and closing. Move it inside your IF statement before the Notify action -or- put the delay and cancel on the Notify itself.
Notify Ty's Phone... --> delayed: 0:45:00 (cancelable)

You don't need the Exit Rule.
Add an END-IF to close out your IF-THEN-ELSE-IF action.

This makes sense to me now - thank you so much! This is what I ended up with now:

I'm trying to do something similar to this. What if you want it to alert you every 15 minutes until the door is locked/shut? Doesn't this one just warn you once at 45 minutes? I'm not clear that it loops? I tried something like this and it would keep alerting, but I couldn't get it to stop even if the door was closed again.

If that's all you want, you don't need Rule Machine, though there is a way to make that work, too. The built-in Notifications app can do repeated notifications until your condition is no longer true, and it's a lote easier to set up, so I'd recommend starting there.