Time flies when you’re having fun …

This is my fifth anniversary as a Hubitat user! I shared this a few minutes ago with a few community members, and then rapidly realized there are many more to thank!

Purchasing a Hubitat is easily the smartest home automation purchase I’ve made. And the help afforded by this community and the many friends I’ve made here has greatly enhanced the wisdom of that decision!

So thank you to one and all!!


And thank you for all the help you have given others. You were the first person to help me out years ago when i had first purchased a Hubitat (after migration from Wink, then two weeks on SmartThings). I had made the newbie mistake of pasting app code in as a driver, couldn’t figure it out until you helped me. Thanks.


Thanks for your help and insightful posts since I’ve been a member here.

I definitely appreciate your posts. They have helped me and others. Thanks!